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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 18, 2010 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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don't be silent, raise holy hell. your children will thank you for it, someday, all of our children will. for fox news reporting i'm for fox news reporting i'm tucker carlson, good night. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> jamie: i'm julie bandaras. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett, topping the news, who has the most support among the g.o.p.? presidential candidate, is it sarah palin? we have the just announced 2012 straw poll results. >> julie: a high school football quarterback collapses and dies after throwing a touchdown pass. what doctors think happened to him. >> gregg: and teenagers caught on camera lying down right in front of on coming trains, more of that shocking videotape, now, on america's news headquarters.
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>> julie: we begin with some of the g.o.p.'s biggest names, making rounds at the 5th annual values voters summit in washington. a host of potential 2012 hopefuls, addressing thousands of conservatives including former house speaker newt gingrich. >> conservatives in washington say washington is ripe for a revolution, the chairman of the liberty council asked the crowd, are you ready for an awakening in your generation, bob mcdonald said, the conservatives were sweeping the nation. >> we have to get people who believe in the conservative, pro family limited government, federalism ideas out in november. >> newt gingrich told the crowd they could take the house and senate back from what he called the political elite. >> we're at a great crossroads in american history. and that is part of why i think the insurgency is so helpful. and the energy of the tea party
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movement is helpful and toughness and eagerness to come and change washington by the knew candidates is useful. >> reporter: he pointed to a number of recent primaries and establishment candidates were knocked out by conservatives, including christine o'donnell from delaware. grassroots 7, little bit zero. islam has been a big topic for speakers here and bill bennett, host of "morning in america" spoke of terrorist acts made in the name of islam and islamic leaders who have not repudiated the acts. >> we are angry at what the religion has done to itself and to us. this is a righteous anger. we are angry at what leaders of this religion fail to say. >> reporter: activists head back to the districts on sunday and will attempt to turn the energy into votes. julie? >> julie: caroline shivley reporting from washington, thank you so much, gregg. >> gregg: the results of the highly anticipated straw poll are in. 2,000 conservatives voters putting in their two cents worth deciding who should run in 2012. here it is, according to the
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family research council, congressman mike pence is the winner. come in second, mike huckabee followed by mitt romney and newt gingrich and sarah palin and as for vice president, taking the lead, the former alaskan governor, first runner-up, former senator rick santorum, paul ryan, jim diment and hi huckabee. >> julie: alaska's lisa murkowski is not going away. the senator lost to joe miller in the republican primary and now she says she's planning to run anyway. asking voters to write her into. fox's casey steegel joins us live with more. why go ahead with this despite her loss in the primary. >> reporter: julie, first of all, it was a very close race, in fact her opponent, joe miller, an attorney, out of alaska, won the race by only about 1600 votes total. can you believe that? despite losing murkowski, she has a lot of name recognition in the state of alaska and served as state congresswoman for a few
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years and her father a u.s. senator and later went onto become the governor of alaska and was appointed to his senate seat in '02 and reelected by the people in '04. she says she's hearing a lot from her constituents. who are not pleased with the primary results, and that is one reason that she decided to put her name on the ballot again. listen: >> when those votes came in, on the 24th of august, when they were counted, there was nobody that was more disappointed than i was. but since then things have happened, events have transpired. and there has been an out-pouring of support from alaskans all over the state. >> reporter: now no doubt this is going to be an uphill battle for her because the only other person to get a u.s. senate seat as a write-in candidate was strom thurmond back in 1954. as we know.
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julie, well before the tea party movement. >> many in her republican party are upset over this, though, why? >> absolutely. this is -- ruffled a lot of feathers within the gospel. a lot of people are saying, look, this voters already spoke in the primary. and a handful of her colleagues in the senate and the republican party says that she needs to accept the defeat here, and former alaska governor sarah palin even chimed in and called this attempt a futile effort and the national republican senatorial committee did release a statement about this and we want to show you what that particular organization has to say, quote: if senator murkowski is truly committed to doing what is right for her state then we hope she will step forward and fully endorse joe miller'ses candidacy and you know, we talked about the tea party, there has been a lot of talk that joe miller's success in this campaign has come from the tea party movement, in fact the tea party express contributed more than $600,000 already, to his
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campaign, it will be interesting see where it goes, come november when voters head to the polls there. >> all right, casey steegel, thank you very much. gregg. >> gregg: former governor of alaska, sarah palin in iowa, headlining one of the state's most important republican events of the year, the ronald reagan dinner. while pushing for unity within the g.o.p., she did joke about speculations over her own possible presidential run in 2012. >> if the goal really is to take away the gavel from pelosi and reid, and to stop the obama agenda, and make government respect the will of the people, and this wisdom of the people, then it's time to unite. if i were in the hierarchy of leadership in the g.o.p., to rally the troops, you know what i would say, i would say, okay folks we have 46 days to go, i would say, diments you are awesome, need you sound done south, krauthammer, go east and
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rush, go deep, anywhere, everywhere, people are listening... >> gregg: and, washington borough chief for the "new york post," charlie, good to see you, is that an unofficial launch perhaps of the sarah palin in 2012 campaign or was she kind of dipping the toe in the water, to test the temp? >> i don't know, she's cagey about that stuff and i suspect dpraerng, you know, even sarah palin doesn't know if sarah palin will run at this point. either way, whether she's going to run in 2012 or if she's going to just remain a powerful force in the conservative movement, it is pretty smart to be in iowa, and to be making speeches like that. and to have people like you and me, talking about whether or not she'll run or is she or isn't she or is she going to remain a sort of mama grizzly in the conservative movement. >> gregg: we fell for it. didn't we? we are talking about it. i want to run a couple of polls by you, a fox news opinion
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dynamics poll came out yesterday and shows president obama's job approval rating is now -- has hit and all-time low, 42%. 52% disapproval rating but, as unpopular, charlie, as he is, his rating is still 12 points higher than sarah palin's which consistently hovers around 30%. does that perhaps suggest to you that she may not be the strongest g.o.p. challenger in 2012? >> there is no doubt, probably nobody on the -- few reasonable candidates, you know, among republicans. who have quite the high negatives that she has, but the important other important number here are the extraordinary positives that she has, really fer vent rock-solid base that will not desert her for anything and, probably she's -- the only other politician in america today who has that same sort of large rock-solid base is barack
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obama himself. no matter what he does, they will not leave him and, starting with that as a basis, i think she can probably turn a lot of the people who are you know -- would register negative feelings about her but, you know, don't really necessarily hate her. obviously there's a group that is going to hate her no matter what, and will never be able to turn them but i think in time and you know presenting the more reasonable and informed softer side of her we have seen the last 12 months or so, i think she can get into powerful, you know, a territory where she has pretty powerful numbers behind her. >> charlie there's another set of polls that shows a pretty striking dichotomy, a "new york times" poll this week, i'm sure you saw it, that found while congressional democrats have a horrible approval rating, republicans are ten points worse, now, juxtaposed to these
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numbers, another fox news opinion dynamics poll on the screen, where republicans are favored over democrats, by some 20 points among voters most interested in the election, meaning they are the ones motivated to vote. how can republicans be doing so well in a match-up and yet they are more generally unpopular than congressional democrats? >> i think, gregg, what it really is, is a pox on all their houses. people just cannot stand politicians. they can't stand democrats, can't stand republicans, can't stand any of them. is partly why the republican party is going through the whole tea party thing and people are, you know, more conservative, more likely to vote for republicans, but they even want to like, you know, change republicans? >> you know, they want change everywhere and -- but all of that bodes i think well for republicans, this november and then in two years i think still bodes well if republicans play their cards right because what it means is that, you know,
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people definitely don't want democratic congress the way it's run today with harry reid an knowns pelosi, wants something different from that and, whether we like it or not the only other people standing there, are the republicans, and i think they are getting the message, are starting to get the message that people are really ticked off at them, too, and especially, for, you know, how they sort of betrayed their principles, the last time we were in power. >> gregg: one thing is for sure, it's a wake-up call, probably for everybody. charlie hurt, washington bureau chief, the "washington post," thanks. >> thank you. >> julie: a rash of bloody attacks that's taliban makeses good on its threat to hit polling places in afghanistan during the parliamentary elections and violence killing at least 11 civilians and three afghan security forces according to the afghan interior ministry. connor powell is streaming live from kabul for us. hi, connor. >> reporter: hi, julie. well despite dozens of attacks
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across afghanistan, today, the afghan elections commission says 3.6 million afghans actually braved the vice and went out to vote today, a turnout of 1/3 of all of the eligible voters and is not a huge number, but is a significant number of afghans that actually turned out to vote. now, violence was one of the big concerns coming into the election, as was fraud and corruption. talking to independent watchdog groups they say there were widespread irregularities across afghanistan, things like the indellible ink that is supposed to prevent voters from voting multiple times was apparently easy to wash and wipe off hands, and there are reports of widespread voter intimidation by the taliban and also by local power brokers, now, despite the irregularities, across afghanistan, independent watch dogs say there was not a massive, systemic risk to the system here and fraud was sort of individual, localized and
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there was no big massive scheme to ruin this or corrupt the election. today, general petraeus, the top american commander here, and karl ikenberry, the u.s. ambassador, offered praise and congratulated the afghans for this election. nobody is saying this was a successful election but they do sound like it was a positive experience after last year's fraud-marred election where president hamid karzai was reelected. most people think the election was riddled with ballot-stuffing and corruption and so, now, people think it was a positive step forward, though, not a perfect election, a much better election than last year, julie? >> julie: connor powell, streaming live, thank you very much. gregg? >> gregg: pope benedict xvi holding mass in london's hydro park and drawing a very large crowd. notwithstanding fears of a suspected terrorist plot against him. british police arresting 6 men who work as street sweepers
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under the terrorism act and the threat level is listed as severe during his visit and the pope has been informed of the arrests and no changes to his itinerary are planned. thousands of people opposed to the pope's visit marching in central london earlier today, angry over issues ranging from the church's stance on abortion, homosexuality and contraceptives, to sexual abuse by priests and this was the largest protest of pope benedict xvi's five year papacy of the pope meeting with several people who were sexually abused by priests as children this morning and apologizing for the suffering experienced by the victims and their families. >> julie: the american hiker freed by iran is heading back to the u.s. as we speak. reuniting with her mother, at the airport at amman's capital, sarah shourd made her first public comment asking supporters to extend prayers to her fiancee and friends still detained in
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iran. >> today is the day my work begins and all of my efforts will go to help procure the same freedoms for my fiancee, shane bauer and my friend, josh fattal, because i can't enjoy my freedom without them. >> julie: secretary of state hillary clinton is appealing for the release of shane bauer and josh fattal but the foreign minister says it does not appear tehran is ready to cooperate. all three were arrested in july, of 2009, after illegally crossing the bored border and being accused of spying. >> gregg: an american couple under arrest accused of selling nuclear secrets to venezuela. scientist pedro maturoni and his wife work at a los alamos laboratory and he is telling an undercover fbi agent he could help venezuela build a nuclear bomb. julie kirtz is live in washington and have they been on
4:16 pm
the radar for a long time. >> reporter: i have been going through the indictment today and the fbi was tracking the couple for a while, since 2008 and combined have 40 years of experience, at the los alamos nuclear will be this new mexico and actio access to the restric information and according to the indictment the doctor and his wife, met with an undercover fbi agent, several times, over the last few years, the doctor allegedly told the under cover agent that he could develop a bomb for venezuela in ten years and, according to the indictment, he said with his technical help, venezuela could cause an explosion over new york that, quote, would not kill anybody but would destroy all the electrical power to new york, according to the fbi or federal indictment. the indictment says a document written and edited by the couple, was on the design and manufacture and use of atomic
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weapons and yes they have been tracking them quite some time. >> gregg: have we heard from the doctor about these charges against him? what does he say. >> >> reporter: he spoke tie fox reporters in new mexico last year after the fbi searched their home. he claimed at the time to have broken no laws, and said then all of the information that he released and sold allegedly to venezuela was in the public domain. here's his comments: >> they have to prove that these are secrets, real secrets, that i was selling the united states national securities by giving this information, to venezuela, that is what they have to prove. >> and again you say they will not -- >> nothing was secret. >> he appeared in federal court in albuquerque on friday and are charged with handing over secret weapons information, and the u.s., though, has not accused the venezuelan government of anything in this case, gregg? >> gregg: the comments, it is in the public domain, thus it's not
4:18 pm
a secret defense is an implicit admission that he was trying to help venezuela build a nuclear bomb and so it cuts both ways. julie kirtz, live in washington, thanks very much. >> reporter: sure. >> julie: it's deadly and drug resistant and showing up at hospitals, coast-to-coast and we'll talk to a doctor to find out exactly what you need to know, about the super bug, next, and, look out for that train! a new adrenaline rush apparently teens are chasing, after the break. ] there's a new way to let go of some of the annoying symptoms menopause brings. introducing one a day menopause formula. the only complete multivitamin with soy isoflavones to help address hot flashes and mild mood changes. new one a day menopause formula. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm! wow! i can't believe it, i love it!
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>> gregg: welcome back, our top stories developing right now, one final test to make sure this seal on bp's blown out oil rig in the gulf is solid and working. engineers exerting 15,000 pounds of pressure against the cements plug. if it holds it will officially be declared a dead well. lindsay lohan could be headed back to the slammer. twittering she failed the court ordered drug and alcohol screening and will likely face a probation violation. >> gregg: it could be a preview of what is to come on the east coast, hunker down for a hurricane on the island of
4:23 pm
bermuda. igor, a powerful category-2 storm. rick leventhal is ready to ride it out, streaming live from bermuda with the latest there. hi, rick. >> reporter: hey, julie, we attended a somber news conference with bermuda's premier, dr. brown, who sounded concerned and wanted to make sure everyone on the island is taking the storm seriously. he said that today we stand on the eve of the arrival of one of the worst hurricanes to ever threaten our shores. we have rarely seen a storm of this magnitude and he also said his biggest concern is that igor is going to park over the island and dump on it and batter it for 40 hours or more and expect tropical storm force winds tonight starting 11:00 eastern and hurricane-force winds by sunday afternoon and through monday morning and the tropical storm force winds to continue into monday afternoon. a lot of rain, waves of 20, 30 feet or more and a storm surge already affecting one hotel on
4:24 pm
the south shore, so a lot of concern here, and we have seen some of that concern, in the stores where a lot of locals picked the shelves clear, of the staples they'll need to ride this thing out including batteries and flashlights, and rope and tarps and those are sold out as well as generators. no more of those and bottled water, though we talked to one guy who seems to be taking it in stride. listen: >> how concerned rou. >> no more concerned than any other time. >> reporter: you seem cool about the whole thing. >> the storm will come and, the best thing to do is be prepared. i'm going to be prepared. it's coming, nothing we can do about it. it's nature. >> reporter: the premier told us they are not afraid of storms but haven't been hit by many serious storms over the last century and the last major one, fabian in '03, was a cat 3,
4:25 pm
compared to igor in size and strength and did $300 million in damages and left four people dead an julie, the airport is closed except for one last british airways flight expected to leave in an hour and after that there will be no way off the island until igor passes through. >> julie: rick leventhal streaming live from bermuda. thanks, rick. >> gregg: a dangerous game dang popularity in columbia. teenagers playing chicken with trains. remaining on the tracks, lying down until they see one approaching and wait until the last moment to drive between the safety of the rails. so far there were no reported deaths but there were injuries including one teenager who lost two of his fingers. incredible. i mean, this has been going on for years and decades but there's an ebb and flow to it, it gains popularity and kids think it is funny and fun. >> julie: crazy, what it is. >> gregg: inevitably, somebody
4:26 pm
is killed. >> julie: somebody has not been killed yet. >> gregg: but they will. >> julie: not smart. a group of economists are now warning of a possible double dip recession and what they say congress should be doing before americans across the country are hit yet again, and, the woman who admitted to faking an acid attack. do you remember the lady? she said someone ran up to her with a cup full of acid and threw it at her face and police were on aanhunt looking for who would be capable of such a thing, well turns out she is, only she threw the acid at herself and could she face charges and what kind of punishment could she get? our legal panel will take a closer look. ñ@y;7
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>> julie: the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news, afghans headed out to the polls today to vote in the country's parliamentary elections, despite taliban rocket attacks an bombings, at least 11 civilians were killed. and, pope benedict xvi holding a
4:31 pm
prayer vigil today, in hyde park, london, and a terrorist plot is linked to his visit. >> gregg: all right, if you are checking your calendar, less than 50 days until election day and american voters are weighing in in a series of brand new fox news opinion dynamics polls from the president's approval rating to religion in school and peter doocy breaks it down live in our new york city newsroom. hi. >> reporter: gregg, our nation is obviously going through a real rough patch now and many in the obama administration have been quick to blame bush trying to convince the public that all of the problems we're having now are the fault of the former president. and so far, bush has not responded and 62% of voters respect him for keeping quiet. and 25% would have more respect for him if he responded to the obama administration's attacks and, as for the current
4:32 pm
president, well, a majority of voters don't think he's doing a good job. >> president barack obama: we know a strong middle class leads a strong economy. >> reporter: president obama's approval rating hit a new low this week and a disapproval reached a new high. only 42% of voters approve of the job he is doing and 52% don't. the low numbers could be linked to the economy which 70% of voters are nervous about. less than a quarter, 24%, are confident. this has contributed to a decline in the percentage of voters who feel optimistic about the future of the country. in january '09, 77% had a bright outlook and now, 61%. voters, it seems wouldel too better about america if elected officials were swapped out altogether. 47% of voters say it would be good for the country if all current members of congress were booted and this and senate were
4:33 pm
filled with fresh faces. >> to tell you the honest truth, i don't have the time to pay attention to what they say about me. >> reporter: gregg on a separate note, voters were asked if they agree with the federal court ruling that says the constitution allows the government to stop prayer in schools and on public property, and only 12% agree with that. while 84% think the constitution allows people to pray anywhere. back to you. >> gregg: a classic line. the speaker of the house doesn't have time to pay attention to what american voters are saying. >> reporter: do you believe her? >> gregg: not really. peter doocy, thanks very much. >> reporter: thanks. >> julie: our nation's growing deficit is a hot topic on capitol hill, a group of more than 300 economists say congress must focus on creating more jobs, before making any move to balance the budget. the founder of diversified financial consultants joins us, during the great depression, franklin roosevelt focused on
4:34 pm
balancing the budget. in the end more jobs were lost, the unemployment rate rocketed and i guess that could be compared to today, what is more important, creating more jobs or balancing the budget. >> he actually started by deficit spending and they created massive projects here in the country, building dams or streets and roads and sewer systems and what happened is after a three year period they focused on the deficit and reducing the deficit and sucked the money out of the economy and it brought us into a secondary recession during the middle of the depression. >> julie: here we are, where there are talks of a double dip recession and what do we do in order to prevent what happened in 1937. >> it is a real danger because we really have crises on both sides of the equation here. if we look at the deficit itself we are borrowing these dollars, right now, people and countries are willing to lend us that money and are willing to do it at a reasonable rate. but, at some point down the road, if they are not happy about lending us money or want to do it at a higher interest
4:35 pm
rate the deficit will spiral even at a greater pace than now. the flip side is if they can't borrow the money we end up printing it and we have seen historically what happens, whether germany after world war i, and south america, recently zimbabwe and i brought currency to show the american people. you used to go out to the grocery store with $20 in zimbabwe and buy groceries and countries started printing money and couldn't borrow more and had to fund it and within a short time you needed $100,000 to do the same amount of agregroceried it went to 250,000 and escalated to the point where you needed 1 billion dollars to go to the grocery store, we can't continue to borrow or print money, expecting the rest of the world -- >> they no longer use the money. >> it is useless and i have a couple of billion dollars here, it is worthless, and the u.s. dollar or the south african rand, and we cannot keep this spending irrational spending, going on. >> julie: until people are able
4:36 pm
to work again and until the unemployment rate goes down, congress it seems will want to spend and spend and spend more money in order to spend our way out of the recession. what does that sort of activity spell tor president obama in his final two years in office. >> the average taxpayer, whether we want to call them wealthy, their taxpayers and the problem is, they are willing to give the government these dollars and willing to pay the taxeses because it means a certain quality of life but, they are looking at how the dollars are being spent and we don't hear about the projects where they spend $100 million and create 100 jobs or spend money to show how monkeys use crack cocaine, the money is being irresponsibly spent and if they could show, congress could show the money could go for a good cause and job creation the american people would accept that but they aren't and they'll vote these guys out of office. >> julie: dominic, thank you very much. >> gregg: can i borrow a few
4:37 pm
billion. >> you want to be an instant billionaire! >> gregg: i'm an instant billionaire, everybody! as close as i'll ever get. a drug resistant super bug is marching across the united states. and into a neighborhood near you. cases have been reported in 35 states. how you can protect yourself, and your family. plus... a high school football player throwing a touchdown pass runs off the field to join his team when tragedy suddenly strikes. the shocking story, next. [ tires screech ] [ enne rving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters and f sport-tuned suspension. all available on t new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance, unless it's wielded with precision. seeour lexus dear.
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>> gregg: heartbreaking tragedy under friday night lights, reggie garrett collapsing after last night's football game in beaumont, he was rushed to a local hospital, the doctors could not revive him. spectators say he just threw a touchdown pass and he was running off the field, and suddenly, he fell to the ground. according to family members, garrett did have a history of seizures, and doctors are waiting results of an autopsy, for an official cause of death.
4:42 pm
>> julie: the new concerns today, camera, pan over here... go ahead. all right, there you go! new concerns today regarding your health, so-called super bug -- sorry for calling you guys out, showing up in the u.s., in hospitals and is spreading outside of the country, health officials are warning the drug resistant bacteria has already hit 35 states from co--to-coast. and, it -- coast-to-coast and it could be fatal, joining me is dr. carolyn cromwell, from mt. sinai hospital. i understand israeli doctors are battling this in hospitals in tel aviv, apparently a man from new jersey somehow managed to spread the super bug to israel, how does the bacteria start to grow, number one, and how does it end up spreading. >> the bacteria is a form of pneumonia and what happened is bacteria mutates as they face antibiotics they evolve and learn how to fight them, 10% of
4:43 pm
the bacteria now evolved an mutated and can fight against the most active antibiotics which is very concerning. >> julie: three things you can do, number one, to prevent yourself from running into this super bug, is to prevent the spread. that is what they'll tell you. >> that is right and it depend on everybody include doctors and hospitals, to prevent the spread people within the hospital found with the infection we need gowns and gloves and sanitizing hand washing and sanitizing in patient areas where they were with the bug. >> julie: that seems like common practice and hospitals are covered with doctors and gowns and they always sanitize, of course and apparently is not enough. >> it's not enough and we need stricter controls and guidelines around wherever these patients are. >> julie: okay. >> also, besides that, we need to understand as a population that we need to treasure antibiotics and use them only when we need them and a lot of
4:44 pm
us have gone to the doctor and asked for something, when we're not feeling well. >> julie: when we get a cold, give me z-pack and that will wipe it out. >> let's lessen that and treasure antibiotics and use them wisely. >> julie: okay. and also encourage antibiotic drug development? >> what is that. >> that's right. we need to encourage companies and more research, more funding and support for new antibiotics, particularly ones that target the drug resistant bugs. a huge problem. over 100,000 deaths a year in the u.s. from the bugs. >> julie: dr. carolyn cromwell, thank you very much. >> gregg: see, julie, can't keep going to the doctor and going for antibiotics. >> julie: i don't even go, i make a phone call, i'm too busy. >> gregg: see, that'ses the problem! here's another problem, how about a bus driver reading while driving and he was busted, caught on camera, actually, reading a book, sort of while driving down the highway with a load of passengers, check it out, passenger on the city bus, pulled out his kindle, and he
4:45 pm
started reading that. and you can see him holding it under the wheel and glances up and down while reading and, then is steering with his elbow, at one point in time and, eventually knocked it out when he realized the passengers were watching and taking pictures of him. with their cell phones. we're told the driver is now on administrative leave. as he should be. >> julie: all right. >> gregg: you never texted and have driven a car, have you. >> julie: i have. not now that i have a baby. i'm not going to lie. i'm a very honest human being. i'm very honest but, yes, i have but since i had a baby i do not do that. never, ever, ever, have you seen how many things i can do at the same time weather my blackberry. >> gregg: a multi-tasker. >> julie: but i don't drive and text any more. she got an out-pouring of support from around the world, not to mention a boat load of financial donations, and now bethany storro admits she threw acid in her own face, criminal charges, psychiatric treatment?
4:46 pm
what do you do with her? the legal panel debates it next. 7 hey what's going on? doing t shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if thosboxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in te country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service.
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>> julie: time for today's headlines, the american hiker released from an iranian prison beginninger to journey back to the u.s., sarah shourd asking supporters to extend the prayers to her fiancee and her friend, still detained in tehran, a
4:50 pm
charter bus crashes north of dallas, injuring 18 people, one seriously. the bus had just left dallas heading for oklahoma city. when it slammed into a highway barrier. the driver told cops the car swerved in front of him. >> gregg: what kind of punishment fits a woman who throws acid into her own face to get attention? that is what a judge will have to decide after a stunning admission from this woman, bethany storro who got sympathy claiming she was decent figured by an assailant who threw a corrosive substance to her, but n admits she did it herself. >> we don't know why, at this point but it is hoped the medical communities can find the answers and she's obviously dealing with some deep internal emotional and psychological problems we had no knowledge of, and, we hope that she will get
4:51 pm
the help she needs, we'll be there for her. she has a long road ahead of her but she's on the road and we're going to walk it with her. >> gregg: cops now deciding what to charge her with, if anything, defense attorney david wool and bob massi join us both. david, let me start with you. the police say it looked -- look, we spent hundreds of man hours and financial resources investigating this case and trying to find the person who did it. what kind of charges could she be looking at. >> well, gregg, filing a false police report but that is a misdemeanor, and the real charge would be having the dangerous chemicals, the sulfur acid and, the defense attorney will work up an insanity defense and it will be did she know right from wrong when it happened or appreciate the nature or quality of what she was doing and i have to tell you something: engaging in a horrible act of
4:52 pm
self-mutilation like she did, the jury may believe she was legally insane at the time it happened and if show walks completely clean, no charges or convictions and that will be the big question. >> gregg: bob insanity it a tough nut to sell to anybody, whether a jury or a judge, it works 1% of the time but something, less than that may be a diminished capacity, might actually lessen any penalty? >> yes. of course and i think we have to remember, gregg, that i think we all agree that there has to be some kind of intervention here. by the courts, let's also recognize that what this girl did to herself, self-mutilation will be her punishment for the rest of her life regardless of what happens in the court system and she will be prepped up but, ultimately there will be some kind of compromise on this, and this girl obviously is a troubled girl and to what extent she psychological needed the recognition, god only knows why, a beautiful girl and saw her
4:53 pm
picture and what she did to herself and the intervention by the courts is one thing and her human life and what she has done, is the type of thing, i think the girl could do a lot of good if she's forced to do things with young people, things that we read about every day, making that will be the best thing to do, to force her to be involved with the community in some fashion and help kids. >> i think bob is right, she's clearly, i don't think anybody will contest, emotionally and psychological disturbed in some way, and just recently went through a divorce and moved back in with her parents and maybe this is indeed a cry for help and judges are usually pretty compassionate about this, aren't they? >> yeah, they are, but i'll tell you what, law enforcement will not be so compassionate. they expended hundreds of manpower hours basically investigating a crime that never happened. and that cost a lot of money and cost taxpayers a lot of money and there will be the restitution involved here, paying law enforcement back for these hours spent investigating
4:54 pm
a crime that didn't take place and she'll have psychological counseling and i doubt very much there will be any jail time. >> gregg: bob. >> i get that part of it, i really do, but taxpayers pay for things every day, people on death row for 15, 20 years and unfortunately, this goes with the job and it is unfortunate and remember the runaway bride, we covered and what she did and the bottom line is she doesn't have any money to pay back and that's why i'm a big believer in getting her and forcing her, integrate her into trying to help kids, kids thinking, self-mutilation thing going on is outrageous and obviously that is where i think it should go. >> gregg: and you know -- the runaway bride was different, this is -- >> yes. >> gregg: this is self-mutilation and disfigures herself, almost like punishing yourself already. the other aspect i want to ask you about -- >> she is punished. >> gregg: either one of you guys, bob, i'll ask you, she
4:55 pm
undertook fund-raisers to pay for a lot of her medical bills and expenses and so forth and that is felony theft, bob, i mean, they opened up bank accounts, money poured in. that is felony theft. >> absolutely and obviously, that is where i think the biggest things will come, for possible restitution ankrim prosecution, if the money has been used and converted obviously the crime has been committed and as a result there will be some kind of -- again, gregg, practically speaking how many times, david have you seen and others how often is restitution really dollars and cents given back, not often. >> i'll tell you, it isn't but the term of her probation will be enforced and gregg i have to wonder whether it was her seeking possibly if she wasn't insane, seeking her 15 minutes of fame. she was booked for all kinds of shows including oprah. when oprah found out she cancelled her and something bizarre psychological is going on, that is beyond -- >> gregg: the other aspect is
4:56 pm
what does it do to real victims of crime? people out there, may be saying, maybe this one is faking it and you diminish the impact and legitimacy of all of those other real victims. >> crying wolf. >> yes. >> right there, gregg, right there. >> gregg: thanks, good to see you. >> good seeing you, man. >> take care, guys. >> julie: fox news obtaining a leaked memo that shows the department of homeland security discussing amnesty for illegal immigrants, wait until you hear about the detailed plan all laid out in the memo. [ male announcer ] the financial headlines can be unsettling. but what if therwere a different sry? of one financial company that grew stronger through the crisis. when me lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clies and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true?
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>> gregg: hello i'm gregg jarrett. >> julie: and i'm julie banderas. topping the news this hour, taliban launching attack in the kandahar province. mortar attack caught on tape. as the country heads to the polls in a historic election. >> hurricane karl leaving a path of death and destruction in mexico. hurricane igor heading toward bermuda. residents are preparing for the worst. >> julie: pope benedict xvi on a visit trying to make amends with those affected by sex abuse. streets filled with supporters and protesters as the pontiff tries to help the church and parishioners move past the
5:01 pm
scandal. >> gregg: the results are in. social conservatives at the values voters summit this afternoon picking their top candidates for a white house run in 2012. nearly 1 in 4 in that straw poll choosing indiana congressman pence. followed by huckabee, then romney and newt gingrich. former alaska governor sarah palin got 7% of the vote. caroline shively has more from the summit in washington. >> reporter: the social conservatives here at the summit say washington is ripe for a revolution. chairman of the liberty council asked the crowd are you ready for an awakening in your generation? bob mcdonnell told activists that a renaissance is sweeping the nation. >> we have to get people who believe in the limited government federalism ideas out in november. >> reporter: newt gingrich
5:02 pm
told the crowd they can take the house and senate back from what he called a political -- >> we are at a great cross roads part of why i think the insurgency is helpful and the toughness and eagerness to come to washington to change washington is so useful. >> reporter: he pointed to a number of races where establishment candidates were knocked out. grass roots 7, establishment 0. islam was a big topic. bill bennett spoke about terrorist acts made in the name of islam and from islamic lead have not repudiated those acts. >> we are angry at what this religion has done to itself and to us this is a right just anger. we are anger at what leaders of this relidge failed to say. >> reporter: sunday they will attempt to turn this energy into votes.
5:03 pm
>> julie: alaska senator murkowski may have lost her party's primary but isn't fading into the night. she asking supporters to vote for her by writing her name in. joe miller is a tea party candidate who got the thumbs up from sarah palin. he beat the incumbent murkowski in the republican primary. the gop isn't happy about her decision to runny way casey stegall joins us live with the details. >> reporter: they are not happy at all. first, murkowski may be taking a page from strom thurmond's book the only other person to get elected to the senate as a write-in candidate. but, that was in 1954. a long time ago. we are talking about murkowski now. she an incumbent seeking her second full term as u.s. senator. she was appointed to the seat in '02 to succeed her father who went on to become governor of alaska. she was reelected in '04 but loss last month's primary to
5:04 pm
fellow republican joe miller. it was a very narrow beat by only 1600 votes. which is one of the main reasons for her decision to keep on plugging along in the race. only this time, as a write-in candidate. her name will not appear on the ballot. voters will have to physically write her name on a piece of paper come november in order for her to keep her seat. murkowski says lately she has been hearing a lot from alaskans. >> i listened to alaskans who said, lisa, please, please give us that choice. because they told me, we cannot accept the extremist views of joe miller. [ cheering ] >> no, we can't. >> reporter: we mentioned the outrage. even the republican national committee does not support
5:05 pm
this decision. the chairman michael steele weighing in. take a look at statement released in response to murkowski's decision. it says: alaskans selected joe miller as the republican nominee for u.s. senate. he has the full support of the republican national committee. i am confident that he will win in november and will work to restore conservative principled and fiscally responsible leadership in washington. many have asserted miller's success comes from the tea party moment we know the tea party express, according to public records had already contributed about $600,000 to his cam -- campaign. sarah palin weighing in on all of this. calling murkowski's decision a few tile effort. -- a if you tile effort. >> that you. >> that's a soap on are watching signed the republican party. the big picture now, after the primaries and midterm elections will the republican
5:06 pm
party stay on a more conservative track or will the tea party push the gop back to the middle? here dick hard lynn -- congressmen that you for talking to us. >> that you. -- thank. >> more primary victories supported by the tea party movement. could this be paving a more conservative path for republicans? >> the american people have spoken. the people that want our borders protect . want a balanced budget, energy independence as posed to cap and tax who want choice in health care. the ruling class in washington tried to force-feed candidates where they wouldn't have that choice in delaware if christine had not won candidates would have agreed on those things. they would have not protected the border. they both supported cap and tax. when cornyn went to florida he tried to force-feed the candidate to kick marco rubio to the curb. now we see marco as 20 points
5:07 pm
up. they trash talked rand paul in kentucky. rand paul going to win the seat in kentucky by a larger margin than any republican in history. the people are speaking and telling the ruling class in washington to listen. >> julie: i want to take a look at all the tea party candidates. christine o'donnell of delaware. we all of course know her. joe miller of alaska. mike lee of utah. rand paul of kentucky. sharron angle of nevada. marco rubio of florida. ken buck of colorado. ron johnson of wisconsin. now, they have called for repeal of president obama's health care bill. they are coming on very, very strong before november. democrats believe these candidates have helped cement an image of gop extremism out of step with voters. dick, do you agree? >> absolutely. these candidates want to, for instance, miller the other day was talking about doing away with social security rand paul
5:08 pm
is talking about doing away with the drug enforcement administration. he wants to do away with any federal assistance of state and local law enforcement on drugs this is a radical agenda. the american people haven't spoken. the only people who have spoken is a radical group who has hijacked the gop. come november, i think you will see voters in connecticut, delaware, virtually every state, maybe even in alaska, reject these extremist views and understand that these folks have an agenda that is not good for america. it is not good for our economic or social welfare. >> julie: they are saying obamacare, you just saw that note, taxing the american people is not good for our economy. the real question is will those primary winners be able to rise the anti-incumbent mood victory to november or create new chances for democrats to hold on to congressional majorities? would you consider their
5:09 pm
thoughts so extreme? >> i just love -- i hope dick is speaking on behalf of the democrat party keep singing that song. two out of three people in america do not want government -- their health care chosen by washington that's what these candidates support. they never say a word about their candidate. you are never going to hear the name of the fellow running in delaware. all they are skilled at is trashing the people who represent the average taxpaying, car washing, lawn knowing american as a consequence of their expertise attacking these people, they think they are going to win. they've been skilled at it in past this year is an exciting year in which the average american is taking control of his future. for the past 50 years the national debt has averaged 28% of gdp. on the day that barack obama became president it was 30% of the gross domestic product. less than two years in office it is now at 62%, 20% higher than argentina. the american people are fed up
5:10 pm
with folk in washington who are morning our grand -- who are mortgaging our grand children's future and are going to take control in less than 60 days. >> julie: i want to throw up a poll, republicans 91%, democrats 85%, say they plan to vote for the party's candidate. the vote among independents split evenly between the party's 30% each. voters who consider themselves part of the tea party moment 21% are more likely to vote republican by a 63 point hard engine. dick, could the tea party movement give democrats a boost and push the gop back to the middle? >> i think it will. the next five weeks, voters are going to hear what these folks are for. i was in kentucky a few weeks ago and watched rand paul get eviscerated every night on tv by local law enforcement, sheriffs and city police officers. as their views get to be known, and they are just winning primaries as they get to be known better they are going to
5:11 pm
get rejected. two words for my friend from owe. george mcgovern. that's what happens to a party when it lurges too far to the fringe of its party. in that case it was the left in this case to the right. we saw newt gingrich on show a moment ago in 1994 he led the republican revolution. where did it go? what happened to it? it went nowhere. gave bill linton a second term. by it wait, bill clinton left this country with a surplus. it took eight years of george bush to drive that deficit up. >> dick, tea party movement fop changes to social security. those concerned social security is going to].fw run out by the time i'm going to need it that is a valid point. >> no question it is a valley point. remember this, there are measures being looked at to either increase the retirement age or lower benefits or do something to make that work. number two, people need social security, we are not going to
5:12 pm
do away with it. that's what miller said do away with it or jim demint, put it in the stock market that worked well. >> they've been singing that song for 60 years. whenever they are desperate they talk about how republicans are going to destroy social secure the truth of the matter is i was part of that revolution where we balanced the budget for four consecutive years. when george bush around karl rove came in, it is true they didn't protect the borders and balance the budget that's what this election is about. the value us of the average american are taking place as they are not being dictated to. they are telling washington what they want. and it is going to be a tremendous victory for america this fall. >> julie: we appreciate you both coming on, thank you. greg greg voters going to the polls in afghanistan as the taliban lives up to its prop to disrupt those elections terrorists launching series of attacks across the country, including one on an american forward operating base.
5:13 pm
rockets slamming into wilson base. one hitting an ammunition's storm tent setting it on fire. american troops responding with a barrage of artillery. fortunately, our troops are okay. more than a dozen have been kill elsewhere in the country. a live report from afghanistan is coming up. >> hurricane igor is making a beeline for bermuda. igor is now a category 2 storm expected to reach the island tomorrow. folks are stocking up and getting ready. they will probably see tropical storm conditions tonight. rick leventhal is there live in hamilton, bermuda, the nation's premier just addressed the nation as i understand it. rick, what did he say? >> reporter: well, dr. brown was here in 2002 when the last -- in 2003 when the last hurricane hit fabian. he fish in his livingroom. he wasn't home and he's not
5:14 pm
going to be home during this storm either he's staying in this hotel the fairmont princess in downtown hamilton this is where he held that news conference to address the nation and speak to reporters, trying to make sure everyone is take the storm seriously. here's some of what he told us. >> bermudans are not afraid of storms. sometimes we tend to brush-off storms, when we shouldn't. but the descriptions that have been used for this particular storm have scared us. >> reporter: the premier says his biggest concern is the time this storm will spend over the island wits battering waves, winds and heavy rain. expected to start with tropical storm force winds in just a few hours and could last 40 hours or more. >> gregg: what is it like on the island? have people cleared the
5:15 pm
streets ahead of the storm? >> reporter: they have cleared many of the streets. front street in hamilton where all the stores and bars and restaurants are that's virtually empty. most of those stores and businesses have boarded up. some of the stores are still busy. we've seen long lines at most of the grocery stores and hardware stores which have sold out of a lot of the staples. we also have seen pe'" looking at the waves, tremendous waves already crashing into the south shore. the surf has been rough for days. particularly rough now. it is drawing some sightseers one of the things they are concerned about is people get off the streets. the worst of the weather expected to start 11 p.m. tonight. >> gregg: rick leventhal on the island of bermuda, thanks. >> julie: it is official, that nasty weather in new york city, two confirmed tornadoes. look at the aftermath. according to the national weather service the storms that battered brooklyn and queens thursday were twisters.
5:16 pm
the microburst with wind speeds up to 125 miles per hour. one woman in queens was killed when a tree fell on top of her car. new york city hasn't seen a burst of whether that severe since 1950. pope benedict xvi saying he is ashamed of the unspeakable sexual abuse of children by priests. the pope making that statement during his visit to england earlier today, the pope celebrated mass with thousands of onlookers in westminster cathedral the mother church for roman catholics in england and wales. although anti-pope protesters did gather on the streets. greg, how significant was today's protest? >> reporter: interesting. i think relatively, wait -- it was important. this was the big one, oed. it was -- it did in this case make a bit of a dent in the sense that at lost there were
5:17 pm
more protesters than journalists. they did march through the streets. it was well under 10,000. considering all of the animosity leading up to this trip, it was not that huge. however, it was the big show. there had been a lot of hostility. so it was time to that show that. banners were nasty, but it was peaceful in any case. >> gregg: how has the pope's trip gone over all? >> reporter: it is interesting, the lead occupy to this trip, there was all sorts of stuff the sex abuse scandal, people complaining about the cost. there's a certain historical problem with the catholic church in great britain. you have all that to contend with. yet, you saw tonight, certainly hundreds of thousands of people along the motorcade route as the pope went to hyde park organizers
5:18 pm
considering all of that are pretty happy. certainly, happy because the expectations had been so low. >> gregg: greg burkee live in london with the pope, thanks. >> julie: leaked memo from the department of homeland security what it says about a pop amnesty program for illegal immigrants. we'll talk to an immigration lawyer about this, next. where other hammers can only dream of going,
5:19 pm
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>> julie: the headlines right now. police in texas arresting a gunman after a standoff. police say the gunman shot a man who tried to repo says one of his trailers. then, shot two deputies who responded to the scene. all three are expected to survive. >> bp says one more test before it can officially declare the blown out well in the gulf sealed. that announcement likely to come tomorrow, almost exactly five months after the well exploded setting off the worst oil leak in u.s. history. >> hurricane karl downgraded to a tropical storm depression. the remnants of the storm hit
5:23 pm
southern mexico hard setting off a landslide that killed two people. >> gregg: fox news has obtained a leaked memo from homeland security. it discusses creating what appears to be an amnesty program for illegal immigrants here in the united states and how to side step congress to do it. joining us now francisco hernandez an immigration attorney in texas. francisco, always good to talk to you. you and i last talked three weeks ago. and then it was about a different memo immigrations and us toms memo encouraging ice lawyers on staff to dismiss potentially thousands of cases against illegals. you told me, you insisted that was not de facto amnesty. now we have, what appears to be, this is it, another member movement this one is leaked from dhs.
5:24 pm
department of homeland security. in it, officials propose and i'll quote, a bold administrative program that would transform the political landscape by using administrative measures to side step the current state of congressional grid . would you agree that this is -- gridlock. would you agree that this is an amnesty program? >> i would disagree the emknow states that any final program would have to have kong a.m. approval. mr. jarrett, we are the -- to have al approval. mr. jar , the entire world considers us the most immigrant-friendly country in the world. why are we afraid to tackle the subject? congress has to act. memo or no, there will be no amnesty. you don't even need amnesty. >> gregg: francisco, you are telling me in memo says congress would have to
5:25 pm
approve. why would it say exactly what i cited on the screen this measure would sidestep the current state of congressional gridlock on legislation. it doesn't have to have congressional approval, they are sidestepping it. >> it is a temporary measure, if you look further down, at least the one i received. it quotes that congress ultimately has the final word. i'm not quoting exactly. but, really this is within the purview of congress, senate and the house which has refused to act for the last 10 years. something has to be done. you gotta give president obama some credit, -- >> gregg: i've read this memo several times, it is not that long it is right here this memo says dhs this is the front page the preamble, dhs has long invisioned a broad based legalization program that would register the entire illegal population and then
5:26 pm
defer action on their status and removal. my goodness, if that is not amnesty, what would you call it? >> that is not amnesty. >> gregg: what would you call it? >> what are calling it is, stand up and be counted. let us know that you are here, not here to bring ill will to our country. >> gregg: and you stay unless you are a terrorist or criminal. according to this memo, you stay here. >> look, it is a general memo that goes up to janet napolitano. it is a memo on what authority they may or may not have. it doesn't mean they are going to do it. it doesn't moon they want to do it. it is a debriefing. >> gregg: they can't do this, i will tell you why. the authors of this leaked memo know this will be perceived as amnesty. because they specifically refer to it as amnesty. and they worry about the fall-out. let me quote one more time, opponents will characterize it
5:27 pm
as amnesty being proposed to pander to latino voters. the secretary would face criticism she abdicating her charge to enforce the immigration law. internal complaints of this type from career dhs officers are likely. it is going to be unpopular even within dhs isn't that an implicit admission in is amnesty? >> and it will be unpopular well within the democratic party. many enemies of immigration reform on the democratic side as there are on the republican side. that memo is simply stating an what the opposition will say about it. it doesn't mean that's what they are trying to get to. >> gregg: is dhs a political wing of the democratic party pandering for votes? >> absolutely not! look, they might as well -- look if it was political pandering, abandon the issue. run from the issue and run to the middle. you got to give
5:28 pm
president obama and his administration some credit. they are standing up for something. even though they may go down swinging on it, at lost they are standing up for it. unlike the congress who just keeps sidestepping the issue and refusing to address it. it is time to do something about it. there are plenty hardworking god fearing taxpaying people that are willing to stay in this country for the good reasons. we are considered by the entire world as the most immigrant-friendly country. let's keep that it way >> gregg: you are a very persuasive and solid advocate. thank you for being with us quite often we enjoy talking to you. francisco hernandez, immigration attorney in next , thank you. >> >> julie: election day in afghanistan threats of violence and tough choices some afghans have to make between voting for corrupt warlords or suspected taliban? a live report, next. ♪
5:29 pm
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>> julie: it is the bottom of the hour. pope benedict xvi is in london where thousands of protesters turned outleting him know what they think of his handling of the church's sex abuse issues. the pope praying for the victims. >> lisa murkowski says she will still run for her seat as a write-in candidate. she lost the republican primary to tea party backed candidate joe miller. >> heavy flooding in slovenia forcing evacuation of one village. many roads into the capital are closed. >> gregg: taliban making good on its promise and threats in afghanistan. launching rockets and setting off bombs as voters head to the polls, despite that some braving the attacks to elect a new parliament. the violence leaving more than a dozen deaths. conner powell is streaming live from afghanistan.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: the taliban launched dozens of attacks the attacks and violence killed 12 and wounded 40. despite the violence and threats on the run up to the election, afghan election officials say 3. million afghans turned out to vote, 33% or so of the overall voting age population. a little less than last year's presidential turnout still about what analysts expected. with the violence and fears of that's a pretty good turn out according to most analysts. the other threats and concern in addition to violence was corruption. last year's presidential election was marred by ballot-stuffing and vote-rigging. analysts say there was irregularitys in the vote here. things like voter intimidation, by the taliban and local warlords. also a lot of fake -- fake
5:35 pm
voter id's several thousand were confiscated. independent analysts say there was not the widespread fraud that we saw a year ago in the presidential election. today general petraeus congratulated afghans on the election. nobody is saying this is a success just yet. last year during the presidential election a lot of the fraud happened after the day of voting. so independent analysts and u.s. officials are being cautiously operate tick -- optimistic over the next few weeks the election will progress better than last year. hoping this election will be more clean, more transparent and a freer and fairer vote than we saw last year in is a big test of the new u.s. strategy officials are optimistic this will show progress in the afghan government. >> gregg: conor, thanks so much. >> julie: tough economic times
5:36 pm
can bring out creative criminals. the u.s. treasury department is always trying to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters. sometimes bogus bills get passed to consumers even from reputable sources. how do you protect yourself? joining us former commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection. thank you for talking to us. what most consumers don't expect is for a bank, especially one as large as a federally insured bank like jpmorgan chase would allegedly stick their customers with a fake bill. if that is the case how can we protect ourselves? >> it is very difficult, as you can imagine. on any given day, there's approximately 870 billion dollars of u.s. currency in circulation around the world. the great, great obviously,
5:37 pm
the great majority of that circulation is legitimate u.s. currency. last year at the end of 2008, i believe there had been something in the neighborhood of 64 million dollars passed on the u.s. economy. but, having said that, it is extremely difficult for anyone to personally detect whether they have a counterfeit note. >> julie: amazing, all this video we are showing is of fake money. no, we are not holding it in our hands, if you looked at that and we said that was cash captured or seized somewhere you would say it looks real. how are we supposed to prevent people from going to their office and printing false checks or money rather on their printers? banks apparently have black light that they can pass the bills over. we don't have that when we go to our local store to make a purchase.
5:38 pm
what are they looking for? >> that is exactly correct. but, 10 years ago perhaps 1% of the counterfeit currency in circulation was produced by digital -- that is real money. in the past 10 years that has escalated to something in the neighborhood of 62% of the notes that are being confiscated, seized are digital. in the past, where would you make a seizure of an offset printer where they are producing hundreds of thousands of dollars in currency. now they are printing on demand. so, it is extremely difficult to defect the -- to detect the new quality of the notes. >> julie: we are not going to carry around these black lights. what is similar that all of us can do so we don't end up with the false money in our pockets? >> this is a good news story. i think the secret service has done an incredibly good job in
5:39 pm
suppressing the amount of counterfeit out there. you probably have a more likely opportunity to be struck by lightning than be caught with a bogus or er fit $100 bill in your poe -- bogus or counterfeit $100 bill in your possession. there is little you can do if you go to an atm machine and take out the money, if it looks strange, if it looks odd, if it looks different, take it to a bank. have the experts look at it. >> julie: what kind of rights do you have if you get stuck with this money? how are you going to quinn the bank to give you the realning in exhange for a fake? >> likelihood of you getting the money back is probably very slim. first of all, there is no way for to you -- a bank or financial institution to determine whether or not they are the ones who give that you note. so, trying to track that back to the original person that
5:40 pm
passed that note is almost impossible to do. >> julie: thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> gregg: new poll with troubling news for the president. we'll have full details straight ahead. >> an ice cream shop that is not for children. we are going to tell you what adult-only flavors they are scooping up and why you need a note from your doctor to get a taste. tylenol 8 hour lasts 8 hours. but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve was proven to work better on pain than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night --
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>> gregg: ben & jerry move over. ice cream with a buzz. it has marijuana if track in it. available in a sphop in -- extract in it. available in a shop in california. each half pint is equal to eight joints, eight! the ice cream comes in several
5:45 pm
flavors, banana foster, triple chocolate brown any. >> why not. it is pretty much a no-brainer if you think about it. most people who enjoy the benefits of cannibus also enjoy ice cream. most of the population enjoys ice cream. if we can provide a way for people to enjoy the experience, healing benefits of the plant through a means where they don't have to smoke and there's no harm to their body whatsoever, except maybe a few calories. >> eat another pint buddy. >> i knew a guy like that in college. only in california by the way. buyers of this happy ice cream have to show their medical marijuana card. of course in california everybody's got one. >> julie: with 45 days to the midterm elections americans are speaking their minds in a new series of fox news polls.
5:46 pm
from president obama's approval rating to the country's future, 10 years from now. peter doocy is live in our new york city newsroom. >> reporter: president obama's approval ratings hit a new throw week. disapproval rating reached a new high. 42% approve of the job he's doing. 52%, don't. secretary of state hillary clinton is vied far more favor police by voters, 56% approve of her work. since obama took office his administration has frequently blamed president george w. bush for many of the nation's problems during this very difficult time. while many former bush aides have come to his defense, we haven't heard anything from the former commander in chief himself. as it turns out 62% of voters respect him for keeping quiet. just a quarter say they would respect him more if he spoke up. you remember the month obama was i go gnawing rated?
5:47 pm
6 -- the more subdued outlook about america's future could have something to do with the economy 70% of voters are nervous about 24% are confident in. this comes the same week 47% of voters, say it would be good for america if all current members of congress were kicked out and replaced with newly elected congressmen and senators. it seems few want nancy pelosi to stick aren't for congress' next session. 467% want a republican to take her job. 37% want her to remain speaker. this fox news opinion dynamics poll is based on phone interviews with 900 randomly chosen voters. it gives you an idea of how people on both sides of the aisles think things are going. >> gregg: drug gangs in mexico turning to new tactics. who they are targeting and what that means for security
5:48 pm
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. >> gregg: new victories and defeats in the war on drugs in mexico. mexican marines captureing he
5:52 pm
will day. suspected top leader of -- el grande. suspected top leader of a drug cartel. there's also news that cartels are using new tactics. targeting journalists and others. this afternoon there's words that a drug gang has kidnapped nine lawmen in southern mexico. joining us former acting commissioner of u.s. customs and border protection and a principle with the chertoff group. good to see you, that you for -- thank you for being here. how important is the arrest of el grande and edgar valdez? >> when you look at the note worthiness capturing el grande and labarre buy is critical one of the most routeless and powerful drug organizes. you couple that with the take down, the killing of the leader of that organization, going back in december that group dismantled heavily.
5:53 pm
again, those organizations still find a way to regrow and continue to be functioning well. >> gregg: jason, there are always plenty of equally routeless and perhaps more so, replacements kind of standing in the wings. if anybody gets in their way, in the way of competition, they will off them and take the leadership role, right? >> you do see that. certainly, you do see some of that manifesting itself within this particular organization. le barbie and el grande were part of the same organization. la barbie was having a break off and there was infighting there and continued to take of the turf. i think it is going to be important to stay tuned to see what does happen as people try ascend into leadership positions. >> gregg: dhs secretary janet napolitano and others say the border is secure, as secure now as it has ever been before. the atf grabbed 1300 guns and
5:54 pm
weapons that from mexico in arizona andxzb! new mexico, the are drug runners from cartels, right? >> certainly, when you take a look at guns purchased in the united states. it is a process called straw purchases. aggregating a lot of individual weapons to ship them to mexico to arm some of the drug organizes down there. certainly the atf grabbing that number, that's a big hit and that's important. we need to continue to do more to make sure that is not moving across our border into mexico. >> gregg: new tactics, they've slaughtered in mexico scores and scores of immigrants and others. they are now targeting journalists. they've been kidnapping and murdering mayors of major cities. where is this war on the drug cartel down there? is cull der rosen making any measureable progress? -- is calderon making any measureable progress? >> there's been 24,000 deaths
5:55 pm
in mexico, largest loss anywhere on the when you look at the per that's a lot because of the aggressiveness of the calderon administration and taking fight to the cartels. one of the important things is remain consistent from a government perspective to continue to disrupt and dismantle these criminal organizations. >> gregg: what do we need to do? >> to make sure we continue to improve the security at our country's borders. there's been talk national guard resources, more infusion for the supplemental fins, border patrol agents, having the right strategy to make sure there is not a spill over to this date there's not been evidence of that we want to make sure we don't see that spill over of violence into the united states. >> gregg: jason ahern, thank you. >> thank you. frightening situation in mexico. gunfire is now being heard and felt across our border here in
5:56 pm
america >> julie: yeah. >> gregg: that is going to do it for us thanks for watching. >> julie: i'll see you in one hour on the fox report, 7:00 eastern where you are every saturday and sunday. >> gregg: beautiful 6th avenue there. have a great weekend have a great weekend everybody! captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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